Antimicrobial surfaces? 
Possible, with the right coating 

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The antimicrobial protection starts with the coating. We at IBIX are well aware of this and for over 20 years we have been offering solutions for total protection of metal and concrete surfaces against degradation caused by various factors: weather, pollution, general corrosion, frequent use, particularly corrosive atmospheres, etc.

Now, an additional factor available in surface protection is also proving to be fundamental in protecting people: POLYFUSION AM is the only solution that combines the efficiency, resistance, and durability of IBIX anti-corrosive thermoplastic coatings, which have always been known for their advanced performance in the most diverse industrial and civil sectors, with the effectiveness of silver ions in the fight against microbes and bacteria. 

Effective against a wide range of microbes

Bacteria, mould, fungus, and even viruses.


It reduces the presence of widespread bacteria and micro-organisms, such as MRSA - Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus -, E-coli, Salmonella, Bacillus Suptilis, etc.

Does not contain Biocides

Protection is guaranteed by the nanotechnology of the silver ions.


Provides a long-lasting barrier effect against microbe strains.

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Easy to clean, requires low maintenance costs

IBIX thermoplastic coatings have always been resistant to the most aggressive acidic and alkaline agents, ensuring advanced and long-lasting chemical resistance. Thanks to its intrinsic characteristics, POLYFUSION AM is not affected by the substances contained in cleaning agents and the most common sanitizing products such as:

  • Sodium hypochlorite (bleach); 
  • Acetic acid; 
  • Ethyl acid with quaternary salts. 

POLYFUSION AM also perfectly resists frequent and intense cleaning cycles, even at high pressure.

Antimicrobial performance against E.Coli bacteria


SampleCFU at 0 hoursCFU at 14 hoursComparison between Polyfusion and Polyfusion AM
Propylene film1.6x1051.2x10520% reduction
Standard Polyfusion1.6x1051.5x105n/a
Polyfusion AM1.6x105<10

Reduction of 99.9999%


High Performance

POLYFUSION AM reduces the presence of bacteria by 99.9999%, compared to the 20-38% with polyethylene film.


Polyfusion, the right choice!

POLYFUSION AM is the ideal choice for coating all walkable and wheel accessible, and touchable surfaces.

Metal, mild steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, concrete, and fibreglass, etc. with POLYFUSION AM, practically any surface can become antimicrobial.

POLYFUSION AM is primarily used in industries such as:

  • Health industry; from the walls to the floor, and much more: even handrails, handles, furnishings, any surface subject to direct contact with the hands. 
  •  Industrial sectors: pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, breeding. 
  •  Surfaces for civil use: construction, public environments, changing rooms, public and private baths, gyms, supermarkets, household surfaces, playgrounds, and products for children. 

Certified for contact with food products

  • 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly coatings; 
  • Certification with foods in many countries throughout the world. 
  • Approved for permanent contact with wine/alcohol (wine cellars) and acetic acid. 


IBIX thermoplastic coatings are easy to install and ready-to-use immediately

Gladiator Pro

Gladiator Pro



Semi automatic


Atlantis Flame Spray - Floc Spray

Atlantis Flame 
Spray – Flock Spray

Flame Spray Pocket

Flame Spray Pocket

Unlike thermosetting coatings such as polyurea or epoxy resins, thermoplastic polymers applied using Flame Spray technology by IBIX can be used immediately after application, support light traffic after only a few seconds, and heavy traffic after only 24 hours.

IBIX Thermoplastic Powders vs Thermosetting Systems


PU Systems/ PolyureaEpoxy SystemsThermoplastic powders
Return to service

• At least 24 hours before it can support light traffic.

• The most rapid PU system requires various and complicated systems for their application, as well as at least 90 minutes of wait time before being able to support even very light traffic.

• To fuse, epoxy resin requires an environment with a minimum temperature of 10°C.

• A typical solvent-free and thick epoxy coating requires at least 48 hours before it can support light traffic

• Applied by spraying.

• Able to support light traffic immediately after application.

• Heavy traffic accepted after 24h (trucks, forklifts, etc.)

Fire resistanceVery toxic combustion fumes are very toxic.Very toxic combustion.Besides having good resistance to the spreading of flames in the event of a fire, they produce combustion fumes with a low level of toxicity.
Lengthening property15/20% elongationEpoxy systems are not very flexible, therefore, they are prone to breakage.Lengthening property greater than 500% where used without primer, on metals.
Colour solidity

• PU systems harden quickly and usually do not have good colour retention (tends to dissolve and crumble).

• They often require another coating (very thin - approx. 50 microns) that tends to dissipate soon, thus requiring a new application.

• Epoxy resin coatings are known to have poor colour retention.

• They tend to change colour (even when not in contact with UV rays), to crumble or dissipate quickly when exposed to UV rays.

• To resist UV rays, they require another application cycle.

Very resistant to colour loss and dispersion (QUV ASTM G53-77 - Florida 45°C southern exposure
2000 hrs - no significant change in colour or loss of gloss)
Impact resistanceGood resistance to impact, as the PU systems possess a high level of flexibility and can absorb even heavy impacts.Hard and fragile, epoxy systems tend to flake or break if exposed to heavy impacts.Superior to PU and epoxy resin systems due to their flexibility and sturdiness
Health & SafetyThey contain isocyanate (continuous exposure can lead to allergic reactions) and may contain solvents.Epoxy resin normally contains a high content of Bisphenol A, which is considered an endocrine interferent (imitates natural hormones); this can lead to a high incidence of health risk.The Polyres primer for the IBIX Polyfusion system is epoxy resin based, which makes it the only component of the system with a harmful content, but it is coated with the Polyfusion thermoplastic copolymer, a thermoplastic coating with no risk to Health and Safety.


Compared to other painting and coating systems, IBIX thermoplastic powders guarantee:

  • Impermeabilization: greater resistance to the penetration of liquids and vapours 
  • Excellent resistance to chemical agents (acids, alkali, solvents) 
  • Electric insulation
  • Excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions, UV rays, and salt mist 
  • Do not fade over time, even in extreme outdoor applications 
  • Excellent stain resistance 
  • Excellent conduct in the event of fire (class 0) 
  • Excellent adhesion 
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion (Taber ASTM 60mg/500g) 
  • Exceptional flexibility, even at rigid temperatures 
  • Resistance to flaking, cracking, and other signs of deterioration under normal use 
  • Temperatures from -50°C to 70°C, without thermal shocks 
  • Smooth and durable finish Anti-slip texture available 
  • Repairs and retouches always possible and quick to perform 
  • 100% eco-friendly 

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