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Rotocoat 2H Coating facilities for fire estinguishers

Rotocoat - Coating facilities for fire estinguishers

Automatic inner rotational lining equipment for fire extinguisher cylinders for lining cylinders with EN3 approved corrosion resistant thermoplastic coating powders.

Rotocoat has been designed to apply a thermoplastic protective lining, to carbon steel fire extinguisher cylinders. The equipment is supplied ready for use and only requires connection to the mains services on site.

General description

The machine consists of a sturdy fabricated steel structure mounted on 4 adjustable levelling feet. The machine main rotation beam on which the machine body is installed is mounted on two bearings fixed to each side of the support frame, allowing machine body rotation up to 180°.The fire-extinguisher cylinders are mounted on supports and fixed to said supports with special adaptors. These supports rotate around their axis to allow cylinder rotation.Cylinder rotation ensures homogeneous cylinder surface heating and, during the lining phase, allows even powder distribution inside the cylinders.Powder transfer is ensured via two powder containers which must be manually installed (with special quick releases) on the machine body on the opposite side to the cylinders before starting the cycle.


Pre-heating and powder melting are carried out by means of two burner systems installed on the rear part of the machine body.

Burner systems

Each burner system consists of one main side burner, one top burner and one bottom burner. The position of the burners can be changed according to the type of cylinder to coat, thus ensuring the best cylinder pre-heating conditions as it will be possible to adjust the heating capacity to the different types of cylinders.

  • Metal thickness; 
  • Ring-nut type; 
  • Dimensions.

PLC Management

Machine parameter (processing parameter) management is done by a PLC. Control Panel: the following time and speed settings are available on the control panel:

  • Pre-heat Time; 
  • Lining Time; 
  • Cure Time; 
  • Cooling Time; 
  • Total Cycle Time; 
  • Cylinder Rotation Speed; 
  • Cylinder Tilting Speed.
Control Panel

Any other data (piece count, trouble shooting etc.) can be programmed in the PLC Software.Burner control units placed on the side of the machine.

Special equipment

Front photocell barrier consisting of a pair of linear photocells which are activated upon cycle start controlled by the operator and throughout the part processing time. If this safety device is operated, all the movements and burner functions will be immediately discontinued.Tailstock system for holding the cylinder, consisting of a pair of pneumatically controlled tailstocks, which are operated by means of appropriate push- buttons.



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