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Founding members Caterina and Susanna Giovannini.

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Surface Coating

For their ease of transport and use and for the properties of the powders used, the IBIX INDUSTRIAL Flame Spray systems offer the ability to intervene in complex environments with maximum simplicity.

Fields Of Application

Concrete Concrete

Thermoplastic Flame Spray Coating of Concrete Substrates Thanks to its anti-osmotic properties and protection against external agents, Polyfusion is the perfect thermoplastic coating system for concrete surfaces and other porous substrates.

Oil & Gas Custom Coating

Bends, Buckle Arrestors, Fittings FSPE or FSPP technologies are particularly useful with coating fittings, bends, buckle arrestors etc., i.e. items whose shapes are difficult to coat by polyolefin granule extrusion or using HSS or other systems.

Oil & Gas Flame spray coating of HDD Field Joints and Tie-Ins

PP Flame Spray offers great benefits when coating field joints for Horizontal Directional Drilling projects.

Oil & Gas Flame Spray Field Joints Coating

The keys for a good field joint coating are adhesion, integrity and training.

Metals Metals

Flame Spray Coating of Metals The Flame Spray technology is the only system which can apply powders on site and with no need for a coating line.

Recycled Rubber Recycled Rubber

Thermoplastic Flame Spray Coating of Recycled Rubber A successful thermoplastic flame spraying application is the coating of recycled vulcanized rubber.


Innovative solutions for the industrial coating and anti-corrosion protection fields

IBIX provides experience and expertise in the field of surface treatment systems.

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