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Oil & Gas powders

Polyethylene and polypropylene coatings for pipelines, field joints, pipe bends, buckle arrestors, custom fittings and other support structures.

IBIX Srl is official distributor of Plascoat powders by Axalta for the Oil & Gas industry.

Plascoat high performance polyolefin coating powders can be applied in the factory or on- site. Typically, it is the welded joints that carry the greatest risk of corrosion-related failure when pipes are connected due to incompatible top coat technologies.

Plascoat Oil & Gas coating powders are engineered to closely match the pipe body coating – ensuring that Plascoat coatings will fuse to form a homogeneous bond with the pipe coating to minimise the risk of corrosion.

They have been developed in order to be applied

As a single coat directly onto steel

As a combined adhesive and top coat in a 3 Layer system.

They have been developed in order to be applied

PP 10

It has been specifically designed for application onto field joints, pipe joints, bends, fittings and pipes. It is mainly aimed at flame-spray application. Suitable for flame spray applications for pipelines subjected to high temperatures.
  • Based on an alloy of functionalised polyolefins; 
  • Resistant to stress cracking; 
  • Strong impact and abrasion resistance; 
  • Barrier coatings; 
  • Higher temperature resistance 
  • It does not contain Halogens or Bis-phenol A; 
  • Chemical protection (acids – pH 2 to pH 13) – see chemical chart for chemical concentration and max temp (link a schede tecniche – area riservata) 
  • It can be applied to clean steel surfaces, over a tie-layer or to partially cured epoxy. 
  • It builds up thicknesses > 3mm 
  • OIT > 40 min 
  • It requires less heat to flow out, avoiding potential yellowing problems


FSPE, suitable for flame spray applications for pipelines subjected to low temperatures.
  • Based on an alloy of functionalized polyolefins; 
  • Halogen free; 
  • Resistant to stress cracking; 
  • Combustion fumes are low in smoke. 
  • Full compatibility with adjacent polyethylene coatings, in the case of FJC 
  • Suitability for 3L systems joints over FBE 
  • Adherence to relevant parts of ISO FDIS 21809-1 Part A and all parts of ISO FDIS 21809-3 
  • The ability of a single layer to perform the same role as a separate adhesive layer and top coat 
  • The ability to build up thicknesses > 3mm 
  • OIT > 40 min


Plascoat Roughcoat grades are the best solution for 3-layer pipe work finishing, offering superior performance and mechanical adhesion/friction to surrounding materials such as concrete, cement, earth and snow.
  • Excellent mechanical adhesion to concrete & cement; 
  • Good UV resistance; 
  • Customised particle size specifically for your requirements; 
  • Dedicated production line. 
Depending on your needs, Plascoat Roughcoats are sold in: 
  • LDPE 
  • HDPE 
  • PP


Spartacus Oil & Gas is the perfect flame spray coating system for pipe contractors. 
PP10 and FSPE are the ideal powders to be applied through he IBIX automatic flame spray equipment providing high performance coatings in the Oil & Gas industry.


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