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Twin lance spray liner for portable fire extinguishers

Automatic inner spray lining equipment for portable fìre extinguisher cylinders for lining cylinders with EN3 approved corrosion resistant thermoplastic coating powders.

IBIX twin lance spray liner is an automatic equipment designed to apply an internal lining of a special grade of thermoplastic coating material to pre-heated fire extinguisher cylinders using an electrostatic powder feed system.

General description

IBIX TS twin lance spray liner consists in a sturdy steel structure fitted with a chain-type conveyor carrying the cylinders to be lined, which will be loaded in pairs. The spray liner features various stations, including loading, pre-heating, powder spraying, cooling, unloading.

Special features

  • Heating: separately controlled heaters managed by special gas-air mix control board. 
  • PLC: a number of process settings can be programmed in the PLC and the saved coating programs can be quickly retrieved: 
    • Conveyor speed; 
    • Cylinder rotation speed; 
    • Heating time for each heater; 
    • Powder spraying time; 
    • Spray lance travel speed; 
    • Spray lance travel distances and pauses; 
    • Cooling time. 
  • Cooling: air cooling systems to cool down spray lances and other machine parts. 
  • Cleaning devices: special automatic brush cleaning devices for the cylinder holders. 
  • Fast and easy cylinder size change over through semi-automatic devices.

Coating performance

Coated Cylinders: 
  • Controllable coating thickness in specific areas (ring nut; welds, body); 
  • Lower powder consumption; 
  • Better weld coverage.

Twin lance spray liner for portable fire extinguishers.


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