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Polyfusion System features 

Polyfusion has been specifically designed to provide a tough long lasting, fusion bonded coating on concrete and other porous surfaces. It is based on an alloy of acid modified polyolefins.

Chemical & Physical Characteristics

  • Resistance to penetration of liquids (anti-osmotic characteristics); 
  • Enhanced smooth fluidity; 
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals (acids, alkali, solvents *(1) ); 
  • Excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions; 
  • Outstanding UV protection; 
  • Excellent behaviour in case of fire (material that would not easily catch fire); 
  • Stain resistance, there are no pores for calcium, rust or other staining agents to grab or imbed into; 
  • Anti-bacterial properties (special formulations).
*(1) Contact IBIX ® for specific chemical resistance requirements.

Mechanical Properties

  • Excellent Adhesion; 
  • Abrasion-resistance (Taber ASTM 60mg/500g); 
  • Remarkable elastic properties (elongation at break: 500%); 
  • Excellent resistance to blistering, chalking, peeling, cracking and other signs of deterioration in normal use; 
  • Excellent flexibility, even at very cold temperatures; 
  • Resistance to cold (-50°C).

Appearance and Technical Characteristics

  • Smooth, durable and long-lasting coating; 
  •  Antislip version available; 
  • Colour and pattern uniformity which will last for many years to come; 
  • Easy to repair if accidentally damaged (Thermoplastic); 
  • Eco Friendly; 
  • No porosity.

Application Method

Polyfusion is commonly applied through flame spraying prior application of the epoxy primer Polyres N using special coating applicators developed by IBIX, such as HERCULES manual or semi-automatic.

Application Procedure – in brief

  • Removal of existing coating; 
  • Surface Preparation:
    • Inspect the surface for any delamination or hollow spots. If hollow spots are found they must be chopped out and repaired using appropriate repairing material;
    • Sand and/or smooth existing surface to a flat finish with a sanding disc and/or a cement-based product. 
  • Blast/acid wash to clean the surface; 
  • Coat the concrete surface with the sealing bi-component primer Polyres N and wait until it dries; 
  • Apply a second layer of Polyres N and wait until it reaches a “tacky” status (it should not be too dry nor too wet, sticky but without leaving any residues at the touch.) 
  • Apply Polyfusion System through IBIX flame spray system. 
Please, refer to the POLYFUSION application manual for further information about the application procedure.


Check out all the standard colours available for Polyfusion.

Test results and certifications

  • Anti-slip Certification according to DIN 51130 - test results: 
    • POLYFUSION smooth version: R9 
    • POLYFUSION anti-slip version R12 
  • Drinking Water and Food contact approval, in the following Countries: 
    • ITALY 
    • FRANCE (awaiting approval) 
  • CONCRETE: Pull-Off Test: 
    •  At 500 µ: 5,71 Mpa, GLUE FAILURE 
    • At 1000 µ: 5,80 Mpa, GLUE FAILURE 
  • Certification according to EN 13813 “Screed material and floor screeds“.
  • Approved for contact with alcohol and wine. 


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