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PHC A Key features and benefits

Chemical & Physical Characteristics

BARRIER PROPERTIES (vapors, liquids, chemicals) 
  • Resistance to penetration of liquids (anti-osmotic characteristics); 
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals (acids, alkali, solvents * ); 
  • Excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions; 
  • Outstanding UV protection; 
  • Excellent behaviour in case of fire (material that would not easily catch fire); 
  • Stain resistance, there are no pores for calcium, rust or other staining agents to grab or imbed into; 
  • Anti-bacterial properties (special formulations).

Mechanical Properties

  • Excellent Adhesion; 
  • Abrasion-resistance (Taber ASTM 60mg/500g); 
  • Remarkable elastic properties (elongation to break: 500%); 
  • Excellent resistance to blistering, chalking, peeling, cracking and other signs of deterioration in normal use; 
  • Excellent flexibility, even at very cold temperatures; 
  • Resistance to cold (-50°C).

Appearance and Technical Characteristics

  • Smooth, durable and long-lasting coating; 
  • Antislip version available; 
  • Colour and pattern uniformity which will last for many years to come; 
  • Easy to repair if accidentally damaged (Thermoplastic); 
  • Eco Friendly; 
  • No porosity.

Application methods

PHC A has been specifically developed to be applied through the Flame Spray application method using the GLADIATOR special flame spray applicator units manufactured by IBIX.


PHC A is available in a range of colours of which the closest RAL colours are: 1015, 1021, 5017, 7035, 7046, 3009, 9005, 3020, 6005, 5015, 7001, 7016, 8017 and 9016. See the PHC A colour card (colour on your computer screen may not be representative of the true colour). These colours are always in stock. IBIX Srl can offer any custom colours to match your needs.

Test results and certifications

  • Drinking Water and Food contact approval 
  • Electric strength test: 47.0 kV/mm measured to IEC 243:1988 
  • Adhesive properties to metals: A1 level 
  • Salt spray resistance according to ASTM-B 117/85 and ISO 7253:
    •  On steel: adhesion loss < 10 mm after 1000 h
    •  On aluminum: no adhesion loss 
  • Hardness according to BS903: 
    • Shore A: 95 
    • Shore D: 44 
  • Environmental Stress Crack resistance according to ASTM D 1693-70: > 1000 h 
  • Impact resistance ASTM D 2794-93 procedure: 
    • Direct 23°C: 2.7 joules 
    • Indirect 0°C: 18 joules 
  • Abrasion resistance as per ASTM D 4060-90 procedure: After 1000 cycles using H18 abrasive wheels under a 500g load 60 mg of material has been abraded 
  • Weathering resistance according to ASTM G 53-88: After 2000 hours no significant loss of gloss or color change 
  • For original certificates and test result, please contact us


PHC AH provides tougher coatings with all the advantages of PHC A. 
It is ideal for coating large metal items that retain latent heat for longer and should be used for coatings thicker than 1000 microns.


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