Innovative Products and Services for the Anticorrosive Coating Industry

Category: Chemical Industry

IBIX coatings allow applications also in particularly corrosive areas, such as the chemical and
pharmaceutical field, in particular:

  • Flooring of technical and manufacturing rooms;
  • Tanks for primary / secondary containment of waste water, chemicals;
  • Underground / buried tanks;
  • Drainage channels.

Providing the following benefits:

  • Great chemical resistance:
    • To acids and alkalis;
  • High resistance to sanitizing agents, such as:
    • Sodium hypochlorite (bleach) - splash resistance;
    • Acetic acid;
    • Ethyl acid with quaternary salts.
    • joints-free, “continuous” coatings;
    • High resistance to intense cleaning cycles;
    • "Anti-stain" coatings;
  • 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly coatings.
  • Antimicrobial version available.
  • IMMEDIATE START-UP (no waiting times after application).


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